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Roland and Nicole01

Matt and Joel32

Matt and Joel31

Matt and Joel30

Matt and Joel29

Matt and Joel28

Matt and Joel27

Matt and Joel27

Matt and Joel26

Matt and Joel25

Matt and Joel24

Matt and Joel23

Matt and Joel22

Matt and Joel21

Matt and Joel20

Matt and Joel19

Matt and Joel18
by Neiko

Matt and Joel17
By Yami Takashi

Matt and Joel16

Matt and Joel15

Matt and Joel14

Matt and Joel13

Matt and Joel11

Matt and Joel06

Matt and Joel05

Matt and Joel04

Matt and Joel03
By Nako

Matt and Joel02

Matt and Joel01

Joel and Nicole01

Joel and Miranda01

Joel and Artie01

Cecil and Nicole01

Artie and Melusine03

Artie and Melusine02

Artie and Melusine01
by Agika

Artie and Melusine
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The fan fictions are of course not an official part of the Concession story, and everything marked with "Explicit Content" is for mature readers only!

Conceding Defeat, by Sphix. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
An encounter between Joel and Matt. Takes place between comics #81-83.

The End, by Klone.
Klone's take on the comic's ultimate end.

Conclusions, by An Cat Dubh.
A poem.

Joel: Hindsight Impressions, by An Cat Dubh.
Artie recants his memories of first meeting Joel. It creates a fictions background story and family for Artie. Please remember that this is very non-canon.

Doubt, by Glory.
A different look at the fight between Joel and Father Tim.

Conceding To Lust, by Rathe. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Rathe describes the events of Matt and Joel's first time.

Disgruntled, by Yami. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Dave tried to fire Joel, and then they get it on I guess.

...And the Drusky Makes Three, by Windthor. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Joel and Matt show a new guy in town to a good time.

Alone Time With Nicole, by Z. Wolf. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
How Nicole spends his afternoons at home.

Fantasy//Reality, by Klone. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Matt talks to Nicole about his diaper fetish.

Return of an Old Friend, by Z. Wolf.
Matt reunites with Jeremy.