by An Cat Dubh

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Choir. [Artie, Angie, Rick, Dave, Thonnen, and Kelly]
Lo! behold the black Wolf, a young lad;
    All is over, and now's the conclusion,
    The end of all Lies, end of Death and Illusion-
What will he tell his beloved, the Cat?

Wolf [Joel]:
I regret every harm I have caused you,
    Every insult, ignoring, and pain;
In my dreams we both walk on the soft dew,
    Or enjoy the soft drops on the rain
In the fields, wild and free, and our minds filled with glee,
    Only us, breathing free and unstrained-
But, egad, as you see, it is only a dream;
    Your visage I shall ne'er see again.

Lo! Behold the brown Cat, standing stirred,
    He is shocked like a boy who is seeing
    A corpse of a man for the first time and fleeing
In shock: what will be his response to such words?

Cat [Matt]:
How your honesty shocks me, dear Joel; indeed,
    I have ne'er heard such honesty come from your tongue!
    Is this some sort of joke I do not understand?
And why now? Of all times, why is now when you need
To express your regret and lament with a lied?    
    Or is this just a part of a dark scheme you planned?
    I do not understand what you meant when you sung
Of the fields, and of being together and freed.

Lo! behold the black Wolf, how he sighs!
    Very deep is his sigh, full of sorrow,
    Sigh of longing; behold, he who shan't see the morrow!
Of what will he speak, he who soon goes to die?

It is certainly dreadful, the hearing
    Of you saying sayings like that.
Now I've nothing to lose; I'm endearing
    This moment. I'm caught, oh, how sad:
So far I have ne'er said a word-(could not dare)-
    Of emotion, affection, egad,
And I cannot bear it-I shan't see your fair
    Visage; how I love you, my Matt!

On the 29th of April, 2010, after his union visit with Matthew Gein, Joel Calley was sent to execution by a firing squad. When he expressed his will to say his final prayers on his own, he was given permission to pray with a shut door, accompanied by two guards. When the three did not come out after 15 minutes, the warden took the liberty of opening the door, revealing the fact the three were absent. No corpses or hints were found indicating the location of any of the three, however we suspect interrogating Mr. Gein could provide crucial hints for finding out Joel Calley's whereabouts.

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