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The fan fictions are of course not an official part of the Concession story, and everything marked with "Explicit Content" is for mature readers only!

Conceding Defeat, by Sphix. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
An encounter between Joel and Matt. Takes place between comics #81-83.

The End, by Klone.
Klone's take on the comic's ultimate end.

Conclusions, by An Cat Dubh.
A poem.

Joel: Hindsight Impressions, by An Cat Dubh.
Artie recants his memories of first meeting Joel. It creates a fictions background story and family for Artie. Please remember that this is very non-canon.

Doubt, by Glory.
A different look at the fight between Joel and Father Tim.

Conceding To Lust, by Rathe. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Rathe describes the events of Matt and Joel's first time.

Disgruntled, by Yami. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Dave tried to fire Joel, and then they get it on I guess.

...And the Drusky Makes Three, by Windthor. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Joel and Matt show a new guy in town to a good time.

Alone Time With Nicole, by Z. Wolf. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
How Nicole spends his afternoons at home.

Fantasy//Reality, by Klone. [EXPLICIT CONTENT]
Matt talks to Nicole about his diaper fetish.

Return of an Old Friend, by Z. Wolf.
Matt reunites with Jeremy.