by Yami

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David Innitou is a very eccentric little Panda, known for not being too bright, and for many double standards. Due to his small stature, he was blessed with an advantage point when it came to the ladies. If there was one thing that drove David Innitou wild, it was a tall woman. His attraction to the vertically blessed was so grate, that David even married a Gazelle. David was very happy with his marriage, but it was not enough for his wife, who left him to study wild life in the Amazon. Unfortunately, she was lost to Amazon River, never to be seen, or heard from again (at least in the official records and report.) David has spent his lonely, middle age life; focus on managing a theater concession stand, and the deviant employees that run it.

Every day someone is killed, molested or victimized in some manner or fashion by his employees, and he is the one who has to clean up their mess. In David's eyes, no one is more of a deviant, cutthroat of a slacker then Joel Calley. The black wolf has caused David more headaches then binge drinking, and kicks in the head from women he tried to up skirt, put together.

Despite this, David has kept Joel when every other half-sane manager would have fired the wolf twenty times over. Just last week Joel even filled the artificial butter dispenser with medical waste from a cosmetic surgery hospital. Fifty people had consumed what use to be Star Jones' left buttocks, before Artie discovered four drums filled with the rest of Star Jones in the kitchen. David was given the order from his superiors at corporate, that he would have to dismiss the wolf, if these shenanigans keep up. David hung the phone up on the hook, and pinched the bridge of his muzzle rubbing softly with his eyes closed. He got up out of his chair, and proceeded for the door. When he exited his office, he was caught off guard to the sight of Joel whipping a chained wolf/rabbit. This was the final straw, as he ordered the black wolf into his office. The wolf/rabbit sighed with relief, as Joel went into David's office. That was until it realized it was still chain to the wall.

David groaned with frustration as he hoped in his chair, and searched in his desk for something. Joel stood there, arms folded and a predatory glare. Joel turned his head, and stared at a stack of magazines. All had tall women on the covers, obviously David's fetish. In the corner of Joel's eye, he saw David writing on a clipboard with a displeased face. Joel turned his attention to David who finished writing, and then Joel was handed a small packet of papers with a pink slip stapled together. The packet was a job directory that listed websites and agencies. However, what caught Joel's attention more was the Pink Slip. Everyone knew what a pink piece of paper given to you by a manager meant. Joel growled as he slammed his fist on David's desk, clenching the now crumpled packet and slip tightly in his hand.

"What the hell is this shit!?" The black wolf bellowed at the panda. David stood up on his chair, only barley eye level to Joel's chest, glaring at Joel." What do you expect is going happen to a deviant screw up like you!" the panda shouted angrily." I've managed this theater's concession stand for eight years now, and I have never had to deal with such debauchery as your working here has brought!" David climbed up onto his desk, shoulders back and chest out. Joel withdrew his fists, still clenching the papers tightly in his hand. David stepped closer, and then prodded Joel's chest with his index finger, staring up into the wolf's carnivorous eyes." I have only put up with you, because you could get the shadier work done, and not think twice about it." David pressed his finger harder into the wolf's chest, the apron absorbing much of the pressure." The higher ups have had it! They will not pay to fix your messes any longer! Since you started to work here; customer complaints have skyrocketed, lawsuits are at an all time high, our insurance premiums have increased eightfold and the walls and carpets have had to be washed, shampooed or replaced 20 times in the last two years alone because of you!" David pushed harder, causing Joel to lean back a little, but still glaring at David with just as much anger." You come into work 9/10 times drunk and/or high, you leave the break room a pigsty and even rented it out as a Thai Message Parlor. It took them TWO WEEKS to figure out that I was there to kick them out, not for a happy ending!" David inhaled, a little red in the face from yelling, but he soon resumed." And I'm pretty sure you're the hooded masked figure who keeps urinating on all of my car door handles!"

David breathed heavily, practically hyperventilating as he kept his finger pressed into Joel's chest. The two stood there, and just glared at each other." Is that all?" Joel finally said, as if what David had just preached had no bearing on the wolf. David withdrew his finger, balled his fists up, thrust his hands downward, leaned in on the tips of his toes and growled through his now clenched teeth." IS THAT ALL!?!?" the panda said with rage, and disbelief at the raw nerve of this wolf. Joel swiftly leaned in, and dropped his fist back onto the desk. He was now eye-to-eye with David, his teeth showed, as he looked right at the panda." If not for me Artie would have your job! You'd be that mouse's popcorn buttering fool day in day. Never again would you feel the convenience of sitting in this nice comfy office!"

Joel's eyes narrowed as he leaned in more, a speechless and mortified David leaning back with his mouth open. Joel's lecture was not over yet, he had more reality to lie upon the panda." The littlest beep causing you to shudder, a chill runs up your spine as you feel like your heart is being squeezed. Your mind floods with images of working the cash register, the sudden feeling you need to give someone change plaques you. The anxiety you would feel from a busy crowd, an ever-growing sense of Claustrophobia. The feeling of the walls and endless sea of faces are closing in on you. Little by little, until finally, you're swallowed up!" David was inches away from stepping back, and falling off his desk. Joel then climbed up, and leaned in more like a wild beast ready to pounce." The whining, complaining customers, never satisfied, never knowing when to shut up with their stupid questions and demands! Are you open? More butter, less cheese, what do you mean you're all out?" Joel slammed his fist "I ordered a small not a large!" and then Joel got closer." Kids screaming, crying and carrying on that they want this, or they want that. The parents trying to say no, and after yelling and screaming at the kid for 3 minutes, they fold and get the kid what they want!"

Joel did not say anything for a moment, as he tilted his head to the side, still staring at the panda clutching his chest in fear." And the most annoying and stupid thing you have to deal with is the manager" Joel said, with an expertise manner." Always demanding the most ridiculous, monotonous and tedious of things from you." The wolf said as he grabbed David, preventing him from falling off the desk." Tuck in that shirt, put out that cigarette, mop this mess up, smile to the customers and clean the bathrooms!" Joel lifted David up a few inches, causing the panda's shoes to slide and hang a little. David still eye-to-eye with Joel felt as if Pandora's Box itself has been jimmied open. Joel sat David back down, and the panda's legs gave out. This caused him to collapse onto his rump, still held by the wolf." The register comes up a penny short, and it's like the end of the world. Heaven forbid you should accidentally give a person an extra penny, or miscount a hand full of sticky change from some brat, who probably has a pocket full of suckers stashed away." Joel pushed David down against the desk, the panda pinned by the disgruntled wolf." This hell goes on 40 hours a week, just for a paycheck that taxes and benefits takes 15% out of before you even see it!"

David laid there, Joel pinning him with ease. David was breathing hard, eyes wide open as Joel stopped pinning David by the chest, taking his wrists, and pinning them on either side of the panda's head. Joel hovered over David; the panda could feel the heated breath of the furious predator. Joel hovered there without a word, the wolf eyeing the scared panda carefully. David's reactions seemed to excite Joel just a little. The look and smell of fear was erotic to the satanic wolf. Joel leaned in, his nose taking in and recognizing one of the more primal emotions for all known creatures. Wolves are predators; they hunted by exploiting these primal emotions. Joel's instincts became enamored with this scent of fear, desperation and anxiety given off by the small panda. David was unnerved even more; as Joel's hot breath came down on the nape of his neck. David mistook the look of primal lust in Joel's eyes, for that of a predator ready to kill.

David thought his life would pass before his eyes any minute, believing Joel would surly kill him. After all, he has seen Joel kill multiple customers at a time. Joel leaned in, and David closed his eyes, prepared for his throat to be torn out. However, this was not the case, as David then felt Joel's lips on his own. The Panda opened his eyes, widen as his pupils contracted. David's body stiffened as Joel separated his lips with his forceful tongue. David managed to turn his head, Joel's tongue slipping out of his mouth, and skimming along his right cheek." What the hell do you think you're doing!?!?!" the panda shouted, closing his eyes and wishing this to end. Joel grabbed David's face and forced it back in place. David open his left eye, and he could see the sinister smirk on the wolf's lips." I'm fired right? Well then you can't tell me what to do anymore, so I'll do what I want." David's face lit up in anger as his right hand broke free. David tried to punch Joel, who caught the small fist and pinned it back down." You're sick!" David said with detest for the wolf.

David's comment had no effect on Joel; Joel was ever the more eager to continue his torture of the panda. Torturing an endangered species should make up for eating a vegan burger, which had not suffered a day in its non-life. Joel grinned at the small helpless panda that lay underneath him. No more need for dialog, he was going to use, and abuse David until he was satisfied. David tried to kick Joel, but Joel moved slightly and easily avoided it. Joel used his knees to pin David's feet, and managed to pin both of David's hands with one hand. With his free right hand, Joel popped off one button after another on David's shirt. The panda's soft white chest fur slipped through, where the shirt gave way. Joel pulled David's shirt apart, leaned down, and took one of David's nipples into his maw. David closed his eyes, trying to get to his happy place, but not being able to escape. Joel's tongue rolled over, and around David's rapidly hardening nipple. Joel nibbled some, causing David to gasp in pleasure. David blushed, not believing he was enjoying this, or that he let it audibly escape. Joel tugged with his teeth, and then released the erect nub, standing back some to look at it. The fur around the nipple matted down with saliva, and the nipple stood out noticeably. Joel grinned as he set his sights on the other nipple. Opening one eye, blushing furiously, David watched as the black wolf licked, nibbled and tugged at his nipple. David was panting, trying to control himself, and think straight thoughts, but failing. David let out slight gasps as the wolf molested his nipple. Joel went back to the previous nipple, and switched back and forth several times.

Satisfied with David's panting and gasping, Joel decided to take things up a notch. As he reached down and began to wrestle with David's belt. He used his thumb to lift the leather, and then inch the golden buckle pin out of the third notch for David's belt. David winced as Joel unfastened his belt, and then began to fondle his pants crotch. David tried to keep from getting aroused, but he was hardening faster then he could try to control. Joel began to pull down on the panda's pants, and sticking out of the hole of David's boxers was a chubby 4 inch member. Joel pulled down David's boxers, and started to fondle David's testicles. David looked down as his erection, it distorting his view of Joel's hand, but he could feel it clear as day. David panted getting more and more aroused, enjoying Joel's hand teasing him. David closed his eyes, accepting his situation and wanting to enjoy his manhandling, only to have Joel stopped.

The wolf grinned looking at the blushing panda, which looked at Joel with pleading eyes. Joel reached behind himself, and removed his apron one handed, and pulled out a small tube from the apron's pocket. Joel removed his left hand from restraining David, and unscrewed the tube's cap with it. Joel palmed the cap, and squeezed a yellow cloudy substance onto two fingers. David recognized is as being obviously a lube of some kind. Joel recapped the tube, and hid it back into the pocket where he found it. Before David could register what was about to happen next, Joel began to spread the lube on the panda's anus. David tried to lift his rear away, but Joel anticipated and followed. Next David winced, as Joel probed his anus with a finger. David tried to pull off, but Joel was not going make it easy. Joel trusted the lubed finger lightly in and out of the panda's tight virgin hole. David squirmed the whole time, as Joel just kept thrusting and wiggling the digit. Before long, Joel added a second then third finger. David was panting hard; looking exhausted and was very close to losing it.

Joel grinned looking down at the small panda, having forced it to succumb to the pleasures he can provide. Joel removed his fingers, and unzipped his pants. The wolf pulled out his throbbing member, and David closed his eyes in fear of what was to happen next. David felt a pressure at his tail hole. It was hot and pointy, prodding for entrance. Joel's member pressed in, and sunk into the panda's warm hole. With a few short strokes, Joel was up to the root inside David. The small panda whimpered in pain, trying to focus as he drifted between consciousness and unconsciousness. Joel wasted no time, and was not going let David get use his size, as the wolf began to thrust back and forth with precise movements. The small panda gasped as he felt alternating strokes, and the feel of Joel's testicles slapping against his buttocks. Davis clenched his teeth, tearing up some. Joel's knot started to become noticed, as it battered the panda's outer anus. Joel's buttocks flexed with each thrust into the tiny bear, his tail swaying back and forth. Slowly David could feel the pain go away, as his rectum loosened around the hot canine member filling it.

David arched his back some, and let out a groan of pleasure. The feeling of fullness, the sheer animalistic nature of it all, he was in heaven. He was now moaning in bliss, thrust into, thrust out of, prodded and pocked David was delirious with pleasure. His raging panda erection was throbbing with each heartbeat, and leaking pre-seminal fluid. Joel was getting close to orgasm, as the wolf growled deeply in his throat. Joel then began to focus on David's prostate, and rabidly hammered it. David could not help reaching down and pawing himself off. He jerked with his right hand, and fondled his testicles with the left. He could feel Joel's knot brush pass his knuckles, it felt hot and slimy against him. He looked up at Joel's face, the wolf was growling deeply, then he howled. With one last hard thrust, Joel began to orgasm. David could feel Joel's wolf semen squirt and gush into his bowl, and fill him. Making a strange squeaky sound, the panda let loose a giant gush of white creamy seed. David covered his bare belly and chest with his panda seed.

Joel removed himself from the panting panda. David was exhausted and about to pass out. Joel put his member away and zipped himself up. Joel stared down at the pitiful site of the Panda covered with his own seed, and leaking the seed of another man. Joel headed for the door holding his apron, and turned around once more." Is there anything you'd like to say before I leave, and you pass out?" David managed to turn his head and look at Joel, his eyes tired and straining." You're re-hired," the panda said before passing out." I thought so." Joel said as he tied his apron back on, and left. Walking back down the hall, Joel looked over to his prisoner." Now where were we?" Joel said as he picked up a whip, and a frightened Wolf/Rabbit struggled to get out of its bindings.

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