Conceding to Lust

by Rathe

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When their muzzles finally connected for the first time, a symphony sounded off inside of Matt's mind. Joel's strong yet soft black paws held him tightly as the two furs kissed in what could only be described as sheer bliss; at least for the feline. The blood red sun gradually lowered itself past the ocean's horizon not wanting to disturb the two furs in their passionate embrace. All Matt could do was close his eyes as the wolf's left paw left the feline's waist and traveled up his body, cradling the cat's head. The black lupine's right paw found a comfortable spot as it massaged Matt's right lower cheek.

With a meep, the feline's eyes shot open but Joel pushed the cat's head in towards his muzzle, deepening their kiss, and the feline closed his eyes and all but melted in the lupine's strong embrace. After what seemed an epoch, Matt felt a slight pressure at the tip of his maw and opened his jaws slightly to allow in the intruding ribbon of flesh. A low rumbling built up within the feline's chest, close to the sound of a chainsaw. The sound synched with his heartbeat as he let Joel's tongue pervade and explore his maw, occasionally flicking his own tongue up to meet with the lupine. This of course only made Joel more aggressive as he pushed deeper into Matt's muzzle, their tongues sword fighting within the feline's maw, battling for dominance. The dueling organs writhed and wrestled as they tried to wrap around one another and though Matt tried his hardest; he was no match for the tenacity of Joel's tongue.

He ceded as Joel pulled the cat's nearly limp body in close, allowing the black lupine to do whatever he wished with the surrendered feline. Joel did his best to hold back a grin as he was muzzle locked with his feline colleague, and he barely managed to hold in a little chuckle as cat folded like lawn chair. Unfortunately for the two frisky furs, both of them were living and therefore needed a breath of air. And so with reluctance, the lupine managed to break away from the dazed feline, though he still held him up in his strong yet gentle grip. Though the maws were no longer locked in passionate writhing, a strand of saliva connected the two snouts, the strand a symbol of the two furs always being connected. Joel's pink tongue shot out and flicked through the connecting drool, breaking it apart. The tongue flicked over Matt's nose on the return stroke and Matt gave a little blush as Joel's jade eyes pierced right through him. The feline's fiery crimson eyes just stared back and the two found themselves in a dastardly blinking game. As the two stood in silence on the darkening beach, all they could hear were the waves crashing and receding as they dared not to blink. What seemed like hours passed but was in reality mere minutes and both the feline's and the wolf's eyes were tearing up something dreadful as both furs strained to keep them open. Joel tilted his head to one side, looking at his associate in curiosity, a sinister grin slowly spreading across the wolf's ebony visage. Joel blew out a puff of air into Matt's face, causing him to blink.

The brown feline let out a gasp of surprise as he conceded, allowing himself to blink to stop the pain in his eyes as he playfully pushed the lupine back. However, the cat must have pushed harder than he thought as the wolf tripped and started falling to the ground. He caught the cat's paw and he dragged Matt down with him and they fell together landing on the soft damp sand. The brown feline landed atop Joel and the black wolf couldn't help but wrap his paws around the small of Matt's back and immediately roll over, pinning the playful pussy beneath him. Joel straddled Matt's middle and bent down with a black paw on either side of the feline's head, lowering his muzzle to the cat's neck. Matt, meanwhile, tilted his head back in pleasure as the lupine on top of him played him like a violin, licking, sucking and nibbling along the side of the kitten's neck. As the lupine administered said bliss upon his coworker, the sun sank beneath the horizon, leaving the two lovebirds alone in the cold darkness. Joel's penetrating gaze looked up from the wetted fur of Matt's neck and was lost once again in the adorable stare of the feline beneath him.

"It's getting kinda cold out," Joel mentioned tactlessly. "You wanna go inside" the wolf whispered as he gestured his head in the general direction of the hotel the theatre employees were lodged at.

Matt couldn't help but deepen his already beet red blush as he meekly nodded his reply. The wolf didn't waste any time in jumping up and pulling the limp noodle of a lust stricken cat from the wet sand. And the two furs started the short trek back into the hotel's conference room, where they had left the rest of their friends in a somewhat humorous predicament. As the two furs trudged along the damp sand in the fading light, the feline shot out his right paw and caught hold of the lupine's left paw. Joel's jade eyes glanced aside at Matt with a look of "What the hell are you doing?" but as he felt the feline's paw in his, the wolf couldn't help but let out a small smile. He shook his head, realizing that his coworker was hopeless and allowed Matt to hold his paw as they voyaged towards the light which pierced the darkness that was coming from around the hotel doors.

As they emerged into the warmer and chaotic climate of the hotel, the two furs were taken aback at the scene that lay before them. While the wolf and feline were outside debating philosophy, the rest of the theatre employees ganged up on their hapless ursine boss and beating up on him mercilessly. The lupine and feline simply looked at each other and with a role of Joel's eyes, they decided to pass on joining the fray, leaving Dave the panda to the metaphorical wolves. When Matt and Joel finally reached the stairs at the bottom of the first floor, the lupine abruptly let go of the cat's paw. Matt immediately missed the comfort and warmth of his friend's paw and looked up in question at the mischievous wolf, whose eyes were sparkling with craft. A few moments later and Matt realized what Joel was up to as he let out a squeak as the lupine hauled the cat up into both his arms. Joel kicked the door open and carried the feline sprawled out in his arms up the stairwell, seemingly with little effort. The cat couldn't even stifle a chuckle as he was taken aback by the unique wolf's macho display. The angry and harsh sounds of the chaos below were drowned out by the silence of the hotel hallway as the two friends emerged onto their floor.

The lupine shifted Matt in his arms and held him in a fireman's carry over his left shoulder as he dug into his indigo shorts and pulled out the room key. With a flick of his wrist and a green light later, the wolf hauled the feline into his hotel room and unceremoniously tossed him onto the bed that was stationed against the wall furthest from the door. Matt landed with an umph and a thud on his back as he glanced up from where he was at the wolf standing before him. Red and green eyes connected and all that Matt could see and feel were waves of lust that radiated through his body. The little voice that in the past was always saying "no no think this through" had taken a little vacation. The feline had nothing to hold him back from giving in to his temptations, not that he wanted to. Joel could sense what Matt was feeling and without further delay pounced from across the room and pinned the feline down to the bed. Muzzle met muzzle and tongue met tongue as two pairs of paws roamed over each other's bodies. Matt's purring picked up to the intensity of a lawnmower as he felt his shorts started tightening.

"Haahhh" Matt hissed as the lupine copped a feel at the bulge in the feline's shorts. "Ugghh....oh Joel, that good...ugh" Matt finally managed to say as a lupine paw rubbed the Matt's hardening shaft through his shorts.

"Then I'm sure," Joel whispered with a knowing smirk, "that this will feel even...better." In one graceful move, the lupine tugged down both the cat's shorts and his boxers, allowing his pink six-inch shaft standing at attention.

The feline's eyes bulged farther open than the cat thought they could bulge as the lupine's furry paw grazed along the side of Matt's frees standing shaft. Joel smirked as he received the desired reaction and let his paw gently brush along the feline's cock. Matt writhed under the wolf as Joel mercilessly tortured his cock with gentle touches. The sensations ran along Matt's spine and pulsed through his body in waves of pleasure and bliss. The feline could feel his face heating up as the wolf lowered his head down in a gentle kiss. Matt couldn't help but thrust his hips up into the lupine's paw, beads of preseed sticking to Joel's black fur as the feline on the bottom groaned and moaned in a state of bliss.

The wolf paw tightened around the shaft, much to Matt's delight, and started to slide up and down, using the precum as lube. Joel's muzzle went back to its earlier work of nibbling alongside of the cat's neck, sending little sensations of pleasuring to mix with the bigger sensations of the paw job. Matt bucked his hips harder into the wolf's sliding paw as Joel picked up speed, bringing his friend closer and closer to the point of no return. The cat's purring vibrated through the two furs' bodies, and only heightened the sensation that Matt was feeling as he neared the edge of his orgasm. However as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. Joel's paw stopped on movement shy of Matt reaching his orgasm and the feline looked at him in a "What the Fuck" expression. The wolf simply grinned and winked at him as he crawled down the still writhing feline's body until his muzzle was level with the cat's slippery prick. The feline realized what was about to come and laid his head back and closed his eyes.

Joel tongue flicked out and ran along the under side of Matt's meat, giving the wolf a taste of the feline's juices. With a smack of his maw, the wolf's tongue curled around the rigid shaft, causing the feline to yelp out in agonizing ecstasy. Not wanting to torment the over sexed kitten any longer, the wolf engulfed the full length of Matt's shaft into his muzzle, tasting the salty sweet taste of the kitten's precum. Matt gasped out as his eyes opened and Joel got to work. However, it was only tow bobs of the lupine's head later when the feline squeaked out an urgent, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." And then his prick pulsed and he shot strand after delicious gooey strand of spunk into Joel's eager muzzle. The lupine expertly swallowed all of the seed, milking the cat for all he was worth as Matt laid there panting, purring, and squirming in bliss as his now tender cock was still being tormented in Joel's muzzle.

The feline's flaccid phallus fell from the lupine's muzzle and a little bit of seed fell onto the bed sheet below. Joel crawled back up to the feline's face and kissed him deeply, allowing the feline to get a taste of his own juices. At the same time, Joel used his paws to work his own shorts and underwear off. After that was accomplished and the two furs were still locked in the cum engaging kiss, the lupine's paws roamed over to where Joel had set up the bottle of lube earlier that day. Matt's eyes were closed and he was oblivious to Joel's actions as the passionate kiss turned into a tongue wrestling match. The lupine spread the cold liquid along his shaft and gave his cock a few pumps to get it all lathered up. The wolf broke the kiss with Matt and the cat glanced down to see what the wolf had in store. With a questioning glance into those lust filled green eyes, Matt flipped over so that Joel could have access to his tail-hole.

"Is this going to hurt?" Matt asked hesitantly as he felt something cold smeared across his exposed pucker.

"I'm not going to lie to you. For your first time there will be a great deal of pain, but I'll try to be gentle." The wolf grabbed the feline's tail by the base and moved it out of the way. With his other paw he positioned his lubed up crimson wolf meat at Matt's tail-hole and pressed forward slightly so that his tip penetrated the cat's outer ring.

Matt hissed as he felt the foreign object inside of him but he bit his lip because he didn't want the wolf to stop. "Pain?" the cat muttered to himself. "I can handle a little bit of--YAAAGH." Matt had to push his head into the pillow to stifle his scream as Joel started pushing in and spearing the feline upon his member. Joel stopped and tapped the cat on the shoulder.

"Are you alright?" he asked as the feline's head came a little way out of the pillow to answer.

"Ye..yeah. Just give me," the cat winced, "a little bit of time to get used to it."

The black wolf rolled his eyes and sighed. "Are you telling me you've never had anything up your tail-hole before?"

The cat had cinched his eyes closed and gave a slight shake of his head.

Another deep sigh came from the lupine as he began to pull out from the back of the cat's rear entrance.

"Wait wait," Matt squeaked out at the new feeling that shot through his spine. "What are you doing?"

"You aren't ready for this. You should practice with a dildo or a digit or something before committing to anal sex" Joel said as he continued pulling out. "Otherwise you won't be prepared for when it happens."

"STOP!" the feline roared out and Joel, taken aback did as he was commanded. "Joel," the feline said with a couple of pants. "I want you to fuck me. Don't worry about what I'm feeling; just do it. If I don't get the first time over with, then I'll never be able to enjoy it."

The lupine's green eyes penetrated through the feline's back. "Are you sure you want me to continue?"

"YES already. Just fuck me!"

The lupine didn't need any more incentive and with a smirk he thrust the rest of his length into the feline's bowels in one go. Matt bit his lip as the wolf's cock hit something inside of him and sent a frigid blast of sensation into his stomach. The feline's cock became rock hard again as Joel pulled almost all the way out, leaving the tip in and then lurched back in, massaging the cat's prostate. The wolf's black furry sack swung and collided with the feline's similar brown sack. As the wolf continued to pull out and thrust in, the pain within Matt receded and was replaced with subtle waves of building pleasure that started in his stomach and worked their way up into his chest. When Joel finally picked up a rhythm of fucking the cat beneath him, the feline's tail started twitching about, a sign of the cat's pleasure. However, as it continuously swatted against the lupine's muzzle it irritated him. Without any warning, the wolf bit down at the end of the cat's tail to hold it from flicking anywhere as he stuffed Matt full of his wolf meat.

After what seemed like half an hour of fucking, the wolf buried his cock all the way into the cat and unleashed a torrent of wolf cum that flooded Matt's bowels. The sensation of being filled sent the feline over the edge and he shot off once again into the bed sheets underneath him. Joel collapsed on top of the cat, his cock still buried inside, and the cat collapsed on to the bed, bringing the wolf with him. And the two furs laid there, drifting off to sleep in each other's embrace. As darkness overtook the pair, they laid contented, each for their own reasons.

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