...And the Drusky Makes Three

by Windthor

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Windthor Prius walked down a street sometime near midday, his paws resting in his pockets and his guitar still strapped to his back. His pants were slightly disheveled and one of the strings on his guitar was broken, but other than those and the fact that he was about three inches taller than when he'd left home four years ago, his pants several inches above his ankles, he didn't look much differently than the day he'd gone to that nude beach.

As he walked, he took in his surroundings. There were a few buildings nearby, some trees, all at their beautiful autumn colors. He liked the fall season. It was warmer than winter, yet cooler than summer. As he walked by a movie theater, he stopped dead, turning his head to the glass doors. Through them, his eyes found green ones, the black lupine that was behind the concession stand was staring at him. Windthor didn't look behind him to see if he was mistaken, because he knew he wasn't. Turning fully to the rather empty theater, apparently it was a slow day, he watched as the black lupine jerked his head, and Wind nodded, walking around the building towards the back.

“I'm taking my break now,” said Joel to his panda manager Dave, who was on top of his desk, reading a Playmale magazine.

“Fine, be sure not to leave a joint on the ground again.”

Opening the back door five minutes later, the lupine stepped out, spotting the white canine he'd seen earlier leaning against the wall, his wings folded tightly to his back. Joel edged along the wall, in the blind spot of the camera that was perched on the back wall some ten feet above them. The winged canine didn't look up, his arms crossed over his chest. Joel pulled out a self-rolled joint, lighting the end with a chrome Zippo. “You smoke?”

“No, but I'll take one,” replied Windthor, and Joel reached into his pocket again, handing over a second joint of marijuana and offering the lighter. “Don't need one,” he added, taking a slight breath and puffing it out, a small spark of flames lighting the tip. Joel blinked, but otherwise didn't show he was surprised.

A long silence followed, the two similarly built furs taking long drags of their joints, coughing out the toxic clouds occasionally. “So,” said Joel, not looking to the slightly taller winged canine, “what's your story?”

Windthor glanced sideways at the equally unique lupine, pressing the smoldering tip of his joint against a scale on his elbow, the heat making it fall off, and dropped it on the ground, flipping the reflective scale to Joel, who caught it. “I'm a unique being, I guess. But you already know that, don't you.” Joel examined the scale, not looking at Wind. “It's a long story.”

“I've got time.”

Perhaps twenty minutes later, Wind and Joel were both sitting down, still in the camera's blind spot. “...And I grabbed her by the throat. She begged me not to kill her, and as I closed my enlarged paw around her, nearly cutting off her air, I suddenly realized what I was doing and dropped her. She sat on the floor for a few minutes, coughing. I left after that. I haven't been home since then.”

“And when was that?” asked Joel, taking another drag of his joint, which he somehow managed to keep from burning all the way down as Wind had.

Windthor sighed, closing his eyes. “Four years, three months ago.”

“And you let her live.”

“She's my mother. I wanted to kill her, but...” He sighed. “I never want to kill anyone. I'd take it as too much of a burden.”

“I never let it affect me,” said Joel, leaning back against the wall. Wind leaned slightly against the lupine. Joel shifted slightly, pulling his shoulder away. “Nothing personal.”

“I understand.” Wind placed his guitar on his lap, strumming the remaining strings. “The highest string broke last week.”

“I have an extra string if you want back at my dorm,” said Joel. “For now, just play what you can.”

Wind nodded, playing a soft, smooth melody, almost a lullaby that made Joel's tail twitch. “I'm no Trent Reznor.”

“Hell no. Reznor wouldn't play a lullaby.” This made Wind chuckle slightly. “You do play pretty well, though.” After a moment of listening to Wind play, Joel asked, “When did you lose your virginity?”

At the sudden question, a note twanged and Windthor looked up. “Which one?”


Windthor straightened up, looking up at the sky. “When I was sixteen, each of my triplet step-sisters were all in heat at the same time. I was only just in sexual maturity at the time.” He sighed. “Four years and three months ago, the morning of the day my wings came in, I had decided to go to a nude beach that was less than two hours' walk from my house. Ever been with a hermaphrodite?”

“I've been with a transvestite,” replied Joel, looking at the white scale again.

“I was with three that one day. The third was the one who took my anal virginity. She was a dragon as well. She saw my wings come in and I saw them in the mirror. I left without another word and ran home as fast as I could. You know the rest.”

Joel nodded, then looked up as the door opened, a brown striped feline poking his head out. “Joel, Dave is- Oh.” The feline blinked at the white canine. “Um- Hi.”

Windthor waved, offering a small smile. Joel stood. “What about Dave, Matt?”

“Umm... He said your break was over ten minutes ago and that you should get back to your damn post, now.” The feline, Matt, blushed as Joel took his paw.

“Matt, meet... Um, I'm sorry, I never got your name, pup.” Windthor stood up as well.

“Windthor Prius. Junior.” He held out his paw to them, and they took it in turns, shaking it.

“Joel. This is Matt.” The black lupine nipped at Matt's ear, making the feline blush even deeper.

“So that's why...”

“Yeah, that's why I said nothing personal.”

“Never thought you'd be the monogamous type. Then again, I've only known you for less than half an hour.” Joel scoffed a little and turned to Matt again.

“Tell Dave I'll be back in a minute.” Matt nodded and went back inside, and Joel turned back to Windthor. “I don't cheat, but I do like to share.” The lupine pulled out a small slip of paper and a pen, writing on it. “Here's my address and my dorm number. Come by in a few hours when I get off work.”

Perhaps two hours later, Windthor stopped at a door in the long white hallway. “237. Here's the place.” Reaching out, the canine knocked twice. A shuffling behind the door told him someone was there. The voice was a clue as well.

“I've told you, Matt; you don't have to kn- Oh.” When the door opened, the scaled creature that opened it blinked at the taller fur. “Sorry, I thought you were someone else. Can I help you?”

“I'm Windthor, a... A friend, I guess, of Joel's. Is he here?” asked Windthor, looking around. “He gave me the address and room number...”

“Joel lives here, but I think he's still at work. He doesn't usually get home until another hour or so.”

“Oh, well... Mind if I stay and wait for him?”

“'Course not, come on in. I'm Roland le Fay, Joel's roommate.” The pangolin opened the door wider and Windthor stepped in, looking around after shaking Roland's paw.

“Windthor Prius. Er, Junior.”

“Oh, you go to the college?”

“No, that's my name. Windthor Prius Jr. Are you an artist?”

Roland's clothes were stained with several different colors and Wind saw an easel as well. “Yeah, I'm majoring in the arts.” The pangolin walked over to the easel, where he was painting a large landscape of some tall mountains with a lake reflecting them. “Are you a musician?”

“I'm no Keith Richards,” said Windthor, shrugging.

“Bah! Thank the Gods you're not!”

Windthor sat down on one of the beds. “You're not a fan of the Rolling Stones?”

“Bah!” he scoffed again. “Have you heard their music?”

“Yeah, that's pretty much why I mentioned Keith.” The hybrid strummed the remaining strings.

“Pheh.” The pangolin went silent and returned to his painting. Windthor started to play his guitar but after a few moments, Roland turned to him. “You mind?”

“What?” asked Windthor, looking up.

“I'm trying to paint, here.”

“What would you prefer?”

“Perhaps something classical.” Windthor rubbed his chin a bit and after a moment, he started playing Ode to Joy. “Heh, maybe something a bit more challenging.”

“I'm missing a string, so challenging things won't be possible.” He strummed a chord, then perked up an ear. “That reminds me, Roland said he had an extra string somewhere?”

“Yeah, look in the closet.” As Windthor stood up, he heard the pangolin mutter, “The cat's already come out of it.”

After a moment of rummaging and finding everything except the string, these things including but not limited to several differently shaped dildos, a ball gag, and three pairs of handcuffs, he finally managed to pull out a guitar case, opening it to find a rather nice guitar. “Oh, cool...” He picked a few strings, then found a spare high pitch string and put the case back, going to work at putting the string on his guitar.

Once he managed to get the string on and tune it, he smiled, strumming it a little. “Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, if you please.” Windthor looked up at the pangolin, who smiled. The hybrid nodded and looked down at his guitar.

“It's a bit hard to play on a guitar, but I'll see what I can do...”

It was several minutes into the song when Roland spoke again. “Your music inspires, I must say. I'll probably be done by my next class.” He stood from his easel, walking over to Windthor and sitting on the bed next to him. “Who taught you to play the guitar?”

“I taught myself. This guitar was my step-father's before he died. I've been playing since I was six years old.” The pangolin nodded a bit, watching the hybrid play a moment before standing up again.

“Hey, you wanna play a game? We've got an Xbox and Gears of War.”

Windthor wrinkled his nose slightly. “I'm not a fan of massive blood-and-gore shooters, even though the chainsaw bayonet is pretty cool.”

“Well, that'd pretty much all Joel likes.”

Joel held the brown and black striped feline's paw as he walked down the hall, stopping at his door. “Oh, just so you know, we're probably gonna have a threesome before the day is over, if the other isn't already here and having sex with the artist and being extremely quiet about it.”

Matt paused from reaching out to the door handle, his eyes wide and his face beet red. “W-what? When did I agree with this?” Joel turned the handle of his door and walked in, pulling Matt with him. “Couldn't we listen at the door to make sure we're not--Nyaa!”

The sounds of gunshots and chainsaws filled their ears once they walked in, spotting the canine and the artist playing Gears of War. “So yeah,” Windthor was saying, “I've been on a journey for the past four years to find my father.”

“You didn't bother to go back to the place where he'd raped your mother in the first place?” asked Roland, grunting as he decapitated Windthor on the game. “You're better at this than Matt.”

“I'm still eight kills behind you.” Windthor looked up, spotting Joel and Matt, the feline blinking at the hybrid. “Hello again,” said Wind. “Getting my furry ass kicked by a French guy, can you help me out?”

“Sure,” said Joel, taking Windthor's place and letting the canine stand, stepping to the other bed with guitar in paw. “Matt, you know Wind.” Matt nodded as he watched the hybrid sit on the bed and start playing again, the song he played much better than the one he'd played back at the theater. “Found my spare string, I see.”

When the sounds of the game were at their loudest, Matt sat next to Joel and leaned to his ear, still watching Windthor. “What's so special about him?”

“When I first saw him outside the theater,” said Joel, chopping Roland in half, “he turned to me first and our eyes met. He's a unique being on a journey to find himself. I just thought it common courtesy to give him room and board for the night. Plus, he's not a bad guy to look at.”

“Why did you say what we'd get in a threesome with him?”

“I said we'd probably have a threesome before the day is over. From what this guy told me, he's had sex with just about everyone he's stayed with for the past four years. Something about his dragon genes.”

The phone rang and Roland answered, holding the phone between his cheek and shoulder. “Hello? Hey, Nicole. Hm? Oh, no, I'm just playing Gears. Yeah, sure. Alright, see you there.” Once he hung up, he glanced to Windthor, then to the screen again. “That was Nicole. He's going to a restaurant and asked me to go with him. Nothing fancy. He said that I could pick him up when I finish the game.”

It wasn't long before the last decapitation sent the pangolin packing. Once he was gone, the lupine put the game up, turning to Windthor, who was still playing his guitar. As Joel opened his mouth, Wind spoke first. “Just because I've had sex with everyone I've met doesn't mean I want to have a threesome with you.”

Joel raised an eyebrow. “I was gonna ask where you got the guitar, dragon-boy.” Matt, meanwhile, sighed in relief, rubbing the back of his neck. “But if you wanna take that route, why don't you?” The feline blinked a bit and looked between the two.

“Because I've had sex with everyone I've encountered, Wuffy. Sex is great, but when you've had sex every night for the past four years, it gets old. I try not to stay in one place more than one night, but it seems that since I'm sterile and since I've had sex with countless others, it gives everyone the right to rip my pants off.”

Matt blinked at Windthor a moment. “Wow. I've only ever had sex with Joel, how many have you been with?” The canine slowly looked up.

“Someone different each night for the past four years, kitty. Once or twice I encountered someone from my past, but other than that, all the furs I've fucked were complete strangers. Up to this point, Joel had been silent, but now he spoke.

“You've had sex with everyone you've met, why are we any different?”

“Because you two are monogamous. I know you said you like to share, Joel, but it looks to me like Matt doesn't.”

Matt blushed at Wind's thoughtfulness, but Joel rolled his eyes, standing up and removing his shirt. “Matt, get undressed.” Matt blinked and looked to Joel, blushing ever deeper. “You heard me. If he'd rather not have sex, then we at least should give him a show for the road.” Windthor's eyes widened as Matt looked at him, the feline blushing still as he slowly removed his clothing, the lupine not bothering with modesty as he revealed his already semi-erect length, the dark red color contrasting slightly with the rest of his black-furred body. He waited patiently, idly stroking himself as he watched the feline pull his pants down, glancing to Wind, who was blinking at both of them. “If you want to join in, feel free. Matt, if he does choose to, don't think about me.”

Matt nodded, now sitting nude on the bed, hugging his knees to his chest in an effort to hide himself as he watched Windthor, the guitar on his lap hiding the growing bulge in his black denim jeans. The feline glanced back to Joel, who was sitting on the bed now with a bottle of Astroglide, pouring some on his paw and rubbing it over his erection. As he did this, his eyes occasionally looked to Windthor, whom he knew was getting aroused by all this. Only a matter of time. The lupine motioned Matt to go over to him, the white canine watching as Matt obeyed, crawling over Joel, who turned him over so that the feline's back was to him, lifting his tail up. Matt moaned softly as Joel rubbed some of the personal lubricant over the feline's exposed tailhole, pressing a finger in gently and making Matt arch his back.

Windthor gulped slightly, his pants feeling very uncomfortable as his arousal grew, watching as Joel pulled his feline lover onto him, the tip of his thick length popping into Matt's rear, possibly deliberately making it drag across the striped feline's prostate, since Matt's back arched and his own, rather petite length grew, the cat's scarlet eyes occasionally glancing to Windthor as he watched. Joel was going slowly, teasing his canine guest, making Matt bounce gently on the lupine's length.

The hybrid couldn't take it anymore, standing up and unbuttoning his pants, letting them drop to the floor. The striped cat's eyes widened as he watched the canine place his guitar on the other bed, stepping up to Matt and Joel and crawl up onto the bed, his own thick length twitching in Matt's face. The feline looked over his shoulder at Joel, who nodded to him, thrusting a little faster up into his feline lover, making Matt moan and turn back to Wind, who smiled. Matt looked down at the canine's length, wrapping his fingers around it with a deep breath. As the feline flicked his sandpaper tongue across the sensitive tip of Wind's length, he looked up with his large red eyes, catching Wind's head fall back slightly in pleasure. Encouraged, Matt opened his mouth and took the tip of the canine's length into it, purring softly as he bounced slightly faster on Joel. The lupine took a moment to change position, getting onto his knees and placing Matt on his side, lifting up his left leg to place on his shoulder as he thrust into his feline lover.

Matt moaned loudly, his voice slightly muffled as his mouth engulfed Windthor's length. “Gods,” groaned Wind softly. Joel's ear twitched as he thrust slightly faster, his hips slapping against Matt's rear. The feline bobbed his head quickly, his free paw reaching down to wrap his fingers around his own length, stroking himself quickly as he felt his climax rising. Joel could feel it, too, grabbing Matt's tail and placing it into his mouth as he dropped the feline's leg, grapping his hips as he thrust deep into his bowels, making Matt moan loudly as Windthor placed a paw on the back of his head, bucking his hips as his canine knot started to form, Matt's soft paw stroking over it.

Pretty soon, all three of them were groaning loudly, their movements making the bed creak loudly. Matt was the first to go, his back arching as his thick cream sprayed out onto the bed, making him moan loudly around Windthor's length. The canine grunted, bucking his hips as his own seed spurted from the tip of his own shaft, coating the inside of Matt's mouth. The feline swallowed as much as he could, a good bit of it dripping onto the bed as Wind pulled away, sitting on the edge of the mattress as he watched Joel pump away, his eyes closed as he held the end of Matt's tail in his maw.

It was several more minutes until Joel finally finished, pushing deep into Matt's tailhole as his thick seed filled the feline, sending Matt over the edge for a second time, this time his seed spraying out onto Wind's face, making him laugh. Matt blushed and moaned softly, collapsing onto the bed as Joel slowly removed himself, his length popping out as he sat back, sighing. “Told you we'd probably end up in a threesome, Matt.” The feline didn't answer as he rolled over on his side, curling up and purring as he quickly fell asleep. Windthor smirked.

“Wore out already.” The canine stood and went to pick his pants up again, slipping them on. “You need to work on him a bit more, Joel.”

“Well, he did come twice.”

A few minutes later, both the lupine and the canine were sitting on the bed again, Windthor playing his guitar and Joel playing Halo, Matt still curled up asleep with a blanket over him for modesty. “What was it you said before you were thrusting yourself into Matt's mouth?”

“Quiet, you.”

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