Conceding Defeat

by Sphix

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"Joel, I…"

"I know, Matt."

"And Nicole…"

"It’s okay."

"But we didn’t…"


Matt leaned into Joel’s chest, in a situation he obviously shouldn’t be comfortable being in, but… He could feel the black wolf’s heart beating, and it offered him a slight bit of solace and comfort in a world that had been turned upside-down in a matter of hours. Matt’s fur rubbed against Joel’s as Joel carried him into Rick’s house, a small sanctuary against the waves of emotion crashing upon Matt over and over again.

He shouldn’t have enjoyed what happened at Nicole’s… He wasn’t supposed to! But something had started churning inside of him, something new and scary and… exciting. Matt had never felt this way before. He wanted to get up out of Joel’s hands and jump around giggling madly, he wanted to go home, he wanted to stay here in Joel’s arms, he wanted to see Nicole again, he just wanted to sleep. Never in his life had he been more confused, and now… Here he was, someone he felt he could trust holding him in his arms. But could he really trust Joel? How much did he actually know about the wolf? It had been him, after all, that started him on this latest bout of confusion…

These thoughts all disappeared as they entered the dark house and Joel carried him up a flight of stairs. Matt just wanted to forget it all had happened, he decided, and was truly grateful for the couch that Joel placed him on as he pulled Nicole’s shirt off in the process. Joel gently lifted Matt’s head and placed a soft pillow behind it, then pulled a cozy blanket over the young cat. Neither of them said a word to each other, and Joel disappeared, leaving Matt to his ever-churning thoughts. He didn’t even try to get comfortable and merely stared at the ceiling, letting his emotions get the better of him as tears started to flow down his face. How could he have been so stupid? He should have known something like that was going to happen at Nicole’s, why didn’t he just request a ride to his own house, to safety? And now… What would his parents think? His church? His friends, few as they were?

These thoughts and more swirled about for what seemed like hours, until Matt could no longer keep his eyes open. He started falling into a blissful slumber…

His eyes shot open. He had heard a noise… The room had been silent up until now. "J-Joel?" Matt craned his neck, looking around to see if he could catch a glimpse of the source of the noise. A creak sounded from the far end of the couch, and Matt strained his eyes trying to see anything. Was it him, or had the room suddenly gotten darker? Breathing faster, Matt slowly leaned his head back down to the pillow, fully awake now, his ears perfectly erect. He was fully alert now, listening intently for the noise to sound again. A few minutes passed and nothing happened, slowly setting Matt’s mind at ease. He let his eyes begin drooping yet again…

He felt the couch move slightly. He spun his body around to look straight up into Joel’s bright green eyes. He gasped and nearly screamed, but he managed to stifle himself, not wanting to wake anyone else in the house.

"J… Joel! What are you—" he whispered. Matt trailed off, however, mesmerized by the green eyes that stared directly down into his, seeming to flash with ferocity. Joel’s eyes got bigger… Or was it his whole head moving closer? Matt didn’t know, but didn’t really care. The struggle that went on inside of him at Nicole’s started anew, both sides clashing fiercely, while Matt’s limbs seemed to not respond to his commands for them to move. After what felt like an eternity, Matt could feel Joel’s breath on his own lips, Matt afraid to breathe for fear of inviting Joel even further accidentally. Joel said nothing, unmoving, like a statue poised over Matt. And suddenly, without any prior warning, Matt felt a flame he’d repressed for a long time consume him entirely, forcing his head forward and his lips onto Joel’s hungrily and without fear.

Joel dropped his whole weight on top of Matt, pulling the barrier of the blanket from between them and pushing it down to the far end of the couch. Matt pressed forward into Joel’s mouth with his tongue, exploring every curve of his sharp, canine teeth, pulling Joel’s weight even more onto him with his arms slipping up and down Joel’s already-bare back. Matt felt hands working on Nicole’s pants, slowly unzipping them and starting to slide them down his legs. The attention to this sensitive area made Matt’s member stiffen quickly, pressing uncomfortably against the purple underwear he was still wearing and upwards onto Joel’s body.

Matt heard a low growl from Joel, whose hands traveled back up to Matt’s pelvis after fully removing the pants. Matt gasped audibly as Joel’s hand slowly reached into his underwear, the last obstacle in his way, and began stroking up and down the cat boy’s cock. Matt could feel Joel thrusting towards him as the growl in the wolf’s throat intensified, causing the cat’s tail to twitch with anticipation and a purr to begin pulsing deep within his chest. Matt joined in Joel’s rhythm, thrusting upwards with each stroke to his sensitive member, the beginnings of orgasm already building within him. Matt intensified the kiss, already starting to sweat from the combined heat of their two bodies working each other, as he reached down to fondle Joel’s tail and naked thighs, feeling the wolf’s member press against his as it, too, hardened.

They continued pleasuring each other, stroking up and down one another, until Matt felt Joel tense violently and stifle a bark, his body convulsing as he thrust forward over and over again, spraying his hot seed all over Matt’s fur. Matt could no longer contain himself, and as Joel’s hand tightened around Matt’s throbbing member, the young cat boy felt himself fly over the edge, his entire body spasming with pleasure as he came hard, whispering Joel’s name over and over again as his juices shot out and onto his own underwear. At last, they both came down off of their ecstasy rush, panting and shaking as Joel gave Matt one last kiss before collapsing on top on the boy. Matt sighed with pleasure, all thoughts of regret fleeing from him as he finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep, the wolf’s presence on top of him offering a sense of security and love.

Matt awoke the next morning to the words, "What the hell are you purring about?" His eyes gradually fell open, staring into the back of Joel’s head. Trying not to alarm Joel, he resisted the urge to jump up and flee home, the memories of what happened last night at Nicole’s and now here rushing back to meet him. What had he done? But… wait. Had last night really happened? He put together the fragments of memories, remembering the placement of the blanket and his pants and underwear. Everything was exactly as it was when… he and Joel had…

But Joel gave no indication of anything happening. Matt, still laying on the couch and even more confused now, eventually dismissed the events as a dream. An insanely realistic dream, but a dream nonetheless. "However…" he let a smile creep across his face as he entertained one last idea.

"It’s a dream I’d like to have again," he allowed himself to think before getting up and starting a new day.

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