by Klone

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“Oh no... Oh no... oh no, oh no, oh no... ”

There may have been better to choose, but right now I was trying to play it cool. The popsicle in my mouth was helping with the more literal side of that, and a good thing too because it's hard to stay carefree and easygoing when your boyfriend, and two of your other friends discover your vast and concise library of alternative pornography. At least I could blame all the blood rushing to my face in embarrassment on the fact I was laying upside down with the bedside wall providing a comfortable place to rest my, admittedly rather tired - though for what reason I have no clue - feet.

Joel had been right of course... it was particularly fun, and somewhat arousing watching Nicole completely cockblock Marcus, although the after show party of watching Joel make exceedingly quick excuses and running from the room at full speed, tail between his legs that really made the day - now evening - memorable. I must admit, I've never seen that puppy move so fast, or in fact look that scared... apart from that one time where I... hehehe, that's a story for another time.

As it was, Nicci and Roland made their excuses and left, where I was confronted with a conundrum: Do I attempt to console my, though he may not look it, rather charming roommate, or do I challenge him to some more Mortal Kombat. Joel was hopeless, I mean, Sub-Zero shouldn't be able to uppercut anyone's ass, yet somehow Mr. Real-Gamer got his health bar so totally screwed...

“Marc... you wanna play some MK?” My question had intended to be an olive branch of sorts, but the glare in the bear's eye didn't seem to be buying into it. Downcast, I lowered my ears, and in turn my head, rubbing my arm gently. Whenever a time comes where I feel I need to say something encouraging or reassuring, I always end up taking the wrong approach. Forget it being the first time that had happened, I can't even remember that moment... none-the-less, he angrily threw himself down on the floor and grabbed the controller. Technically it had been mine originally, but I wasn't about to split hairs. Throwing the now useless popsicle stick into the trashcan, I flopped on my stomach and picked up my own. Mileena? Really? Oh well, I may as well try.

The third round signified a whitewash for me, and even though Marc threw the controller down and practically flounced over to his bed, still not a word had been exchanged between us. Head in hands, I heard him mutter little things like 'Stupid game' or 'Stupid skunk'. It would appear that stupid was word of the day. Better than normal then; most of the time it was 'fucking stupid'. Tentatively I sat up and padded my way over to him, settling down beside him and - in what I hoped was what would be counted as a 'manly gesture' - squeezed his shoulder gently. “Don't worry about it, Nicole gets everyone the first time... sometimes he still even gets me... ” Oh boy was that an understatement.

However, the only sound I received from him was a grunt of acknowledgement and a sort of half-hearted shrugging off which I promptly refused to acknowledge. Launching in, I tried to be as tactful as I could. “Listen... he's a really nice guy really... he's just a little... you know... ” Embarrassed at the word, I spoke softer, “... slutty, I guess... I mean, really, he wouldn't do that normally... really... nice... mmmf... ” The look of utter contempt I was currently receiving slowing me to a stop. I looked away and let go of him. Muttered apologies spilled from my mouth, but he just turned and pressed his face into his hands, breathing slowly and deliberately. It took him a while to speak.

“Cat, you can see I'm rather pissed off right now. I'm trying to keep it cool but if you're going to give me bullshit, then dear god, I will put my fist in your face so hard not even the best surgeon will know where your muzzle once originated, and where they now have to put it.” I shrank back in terror... he'd never been this angry before; sure he'd gotten heated, but he'd never treated me like that. Quietly, I curled my tail around myself and played with it idly, waiting for him to calm down.

After a good few minutes of slow internal deliberation, he lowered his hands, sighed and pointed at the door. I knew what he was saying, he'd said it to me before: Get out while you still can, and I won't be tempted to kill you. Almost with relief, I snatched my Macbook from the bed, stuffed it hastily in my carry-all, picked up my cell phone and hightailed it outta there. An angry grizzly is never a good thing, less so one that was angrily denying that what had gone on that afternoon had ever happened. I should know, I once was that guy...

From here I had two choices. I could go to Joel's place and have wild sex all night, but seeing how my ass was still sore from last night's antics, I would rather not. That left me with phoning around asking for a room. The first number to come to mind was Nicole's... bad move. I called everyone else I could, but most of them made up silly excuses. With a defeated sigh, I hit the call button.

“Hey Nicci, it's Matt”

“Oh hey, sup? Missing me already, hunnybunch?” I grimaced at the term. But seeing as he was my last chance...

“Well, Marcy kinda... threw me outta the room... He's still pretty angry about earlier on today and really he just doesn't want me getting hurt... he really is a nice... sorry I'm drifting. Anyway... I need a place to stay for a couple of nights, so... ”

“Why can't you just stay with Joel? I'm sure he'd be fine with that” Knew it.

“I... wanna stay with someone different for once?” Man that was lame.

“He fucked you so hard your ass is still sore, didn't he.” Stupid Nicole!

“... yeah.”

“And you think I won't sex you up? Fiiine, I'll be waiting for you. You should be glad I'm not with Roley-poley tonight, or you'd be outta luck, mister!” And with that he hung up. I sighed and set out from the campus. Thank god he'd at least picked up, the boy was notorious for never being able to answer for having so much sex... okay that's a lie, but he still never picks up.

Turned out it took nearer twenty minutes for me. Guess I'm not used to walking these days, something I need to address at some point. Whatever my state, I knocked and waited. It didn't take long before a scantily clad skunk opened the door and ushered me in with the promise of hot coco. A few minutes later and we had settled down on his luxuriously large bed, with steaming mugs of chocolate, when the topic turned to what had happened once the rest had left. No point in lying, I told him what had happened. Time passed on with idle chatter of course, as all slumber parties do, before he said what I was dreading would come up.

“So, a lil babyfur, huh? Tell me more!”

“Oh no... ” Embarrassed, I looked away, trying to focus on anything other than him at that point. It's not fair, they should never have looked at those pictures... I should never have had my Mac out anyways, I should have known what they would do if they saw it... meanies... hey are those... ?

“Nicci... a-are those... beads?” They'd obviously been used recently too... ew.

“Oh they're not mine, they're Roland's, I've just borrowed them. I mean, look how big they go!” Double ew. I really didn't want to get a closer look, but he was very much insistent. And... my do they 'go big'. Almost queasily I can remember him telling me that the biggest one on the rather long 'line' had a diameter or almost 5 inches, but that he'd never managed to get them in that far. A good thing too, I mean goodness, that thing was a monster. I'd hoped he'd dropped the subject, but to no avail, for not 5 minutes later he pressed me for the explanation once more. Well, a change of subject had failed once, so this time I tried deterrent - face a-glowing throughout.

“N-Nicole... I'm really not comfortable talking about this... c-can't you drop the subject?” I'd hoped I was polite and sensitive about it, knowing just how easily upset the feminine boy could be. Perhaps not compassionate enough, judging by the hurt expression and girly movement donned the hand-to-chest-with-sad-expression move. I believe they're planning on putting it into the next Pokémon game. It'll be a one-hit kill move. I thought how best to comfort him, deciding on one course of action, and shuffled closer to him in what I hoped was a caring gesture. I wasn't entirely prepared for his next move.

“But kitty... I'm one too... ” I blanched. Staring at him in stunned disbelief, I drew back from him, words escaping me. When my voice returned, it was shaky, but defiant.

“Nicole... th-this... please don't joke about this... ” I'd spent years without anyone to share my secret, and regardless of how much of a lovely person he might be, I really didn't want the first person I would share this with to be him. He was not to be deterred however and I found my wrist grabbed and pulled towards him so our eyes were but a mere few inches away from each other. He raised his free paw and placed a finger to his lips and then in turn to mine. Focusing on balancing I could do nothing about it, instead pulling away, almost horrified at his sudden seriousness from the normally free caring and easy going skunk. Rather than speak, he chose action.

Crawling over to his bedside table, he opened the top drawer to its fullest. I gasped. I had wanted to disbelieve him, but that was pretty much impossible now. A small stack of... very thick diapers, talcum powder, pacifiers, a bottle, even a little picture book sitting on top of... I couldn't see, but Nicole was busy pulling everything out so I could get a closer look. Eventually revealed to me were duct tape (which I was assured was merely for added security), and last but not least the staple plushie, a little bunny which he picked up and cuddled tightly. I stared, confused at his openness and scared of his intent. I curled up and tried to make it out that it was just a dream. Perhaps if I closed my eyes and said something three times... you know, like that film? I chose the phrase 'This isn't real, and I'm still in my dorm room'. Breathing in, I started my little chant.

“This isn't real, a-and I'm still in my dorm... ” I heard Nicole giggle. That jerk, he was loving this wasn't he. I heard rustling behind me and jammed my paws over my folded ears, hoping to block him out. Again I repeated my phrase. The giggling grew louder and I felt the bed shift noticeable beneath me. Shaking, I repeated the phrase a third time. The movements stopped. The rustling ceased. I let out the breath I had held without notice and willed myself to look. Lowering my arms, I gathered myself together and cracked open an eye.

A cry. Stumbling backwards. Falling off the bed. Staring at Nicole in horror, I watched him laugh that sickening noise of success he pulls at the most opportune of moments. Naked, was he, save from a very thick diaper, in fact, so much so that he could barely close his legs. Pacifier perfectly centered in his chuckling muzzle, the plushie tightly held to his flat chest, he grinned at me smugly. Speaking through the obstacle in his mouth, his words resounded in my head.

“Matty, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.”

“You... you... ” I couldn't speak. Things were going too fast. I had to stop and think. I had to... my Macbook! I could escape in the internet and forget everything for a while. I started for my bag, but the skunk reached down the side of the bed too quickly. I launched myself after it with reckless abandon only to fall to the floor with a loud bump, and a female-sounding “Oww!” of pain. I looked up at him again. He was still giggling... what a complete jerk... what an absolute... I felt the tears coming too quickly - I didn't want to cry! I wasn't the little baby he thought I was... I was a big boy now! I didn't need to cry anymore. I...

The tears came. I huddled into myself and sobbed softly, back pressed against his bed. Nicole seemed to know that he had gone too far now, because he instantly launched himself off his pedestal and sat in front of me, looking concerned and asking what was wrong, and why I was crying. All I heard was the loud crinkle of his diaper, and I sobbed a little more, pulling my knees up to my chest, crossing my arms around them and sobbed into my kneecaps. Numb, I felt him pull me into a soft, warm embrace. Out of habit I motioned to cling to him but... no! He wasn't Joel... he didn't care... he was just a stupid little skunk slut that just wanted to get the best of me, and I wasn't going to let that happen. I shrugged him off, turning away from him. Why on earth was I crying so much... I didn't even know why...

The next thing I was aware of was the boy in question lifting my head gently and with a soft smile placing a pacifier in my mouth, and the plushie in my hands before pulling me back into the embrace I had previously shrugged off. I wanted to spit the dummy out, throw the bunny away... but some primal instinct awoke within me. I leaned into him, sniffling quietly, sucking on the pacifier as best I could, finding it, accompanied by the reassuring toy in my arms and Nicole's quiet shushing in my ear and rubbing of my back, able to calm me down easily and completely. When I had stopped crying, the skunk drew back, and with a gentle paw - and a gentle smile, brushed the remainder of my tears away.

I looked away, ashamed of myself. This was wrong... I shouldn't be allowing him to comfort me... but he was so gentle and with strength I wouldn't have associated with him lifted me back onto the bed, sitting down next to me. His diaper still crinkled beneath him, but I tried not to pay attention to it. There was silence for a while. I sat up again, leaning against the headboard, still defensive and holding that plushie for dear life. When he spoke it was soft and understanding.

“This is the first time you've ever seen anyone else in a diaper in real life, isn't it?” I nodded. “And it's the first time anyone's learned about your lil thing, huh?” Another nod, and a muffled whine. “And it's the first time you've met anyone into it as well... ?”

I shook my head. It was the first time physically... but not the first time ever. Nicole, intrigued now pulled the pacifier from my muzzle gently, ushering another sound of sadness from my lips. He smiled and hastily shoved everything back into the drawer, then crawled over and sat by my side, wrapping an arm around me and squeezing me gently.

“C'mon Matt... tell me all about it... I promise I'll get you another hot chocolate if you do, and I'll tell you about me as well, okay?” I considered this for a long time. It had been my little secret for a long time now... was I really ready to let anyone else know? My best kept secret... in the open. Better kept than even my newfound sexuality... well, here goes nothing.

“...okay... ”

Ten minutes later and here I was, still sat on Nicci's about to open up about one of my most touchy subjects to the last person I ever thought I would. I took another sip of the warm drink - He'd made this one especially good for me, his way of saying sorry I guess. There was a tang to the back of it I just couldn't quite catch... maybe I'll think of it later.

“I still wet the bed when I was ten... I know it sounds really silly, but I just couldn't control myself. I was bullied a lot in school... and I suppose it got to me enough to make me bed-wet. I guess my mom was the one who suggested it, cos she was always the one who had to change my sheets... she was always so nice about it... but I guess it started bothering her. She went to my dad and asked him to go out and buy some diapers... just ones to use when I was asleep, you know. I was still at school, so when I came back I was shocked to find some pull-ups lying on my bed. I got super angry and shouted at my mom for even thinking about it... she got angry too and called my dad. He said if I wasn't going to co-operate then he'd treat me like the baby I was acting... I didn't get it and just shouted back at him... my dad's so strong, he picked me up and put me across his knee... I kicked and screamed the whole time he spanked me, but he wouldn't let go... it was so sore... when he did eventually let go he ordered me to put my pull-ups on and be happy he didn't 'enforce further punishment.'

“That morning I woke up really, really wet... honestly, I had no idea just how much I wet during the night... I was really embarrassed and threw them in the trash as fast as I could... showered, had breakfast, went to school... it was as if it had never happened. I kept it as secret as I could... my friends never would have understood... anyways, it seemed to work so I kept wearing them at night... it went on for months. Everything seemed fine. Mom was happy, dad was too. It was never mentioned really... we just accepted that it happened, and it did. I guess I was happy too, I didn't have to worry too much about wetting the bed anymore. My grades improved slightly too, though I don't know if had anything to do with the pull-up.

“Then one day I woke up and I had wet a whole lot... enough for my diaper to leak and soak the bed... and I mean really soak it. Mom assured me it wasn't a problem, but when I got back from home that day Mom had been out to the store and bought some real diapers. Guess she'd decided to play it safe rather than wait for it to happen again. She told me they'd hold a whole lot more, and it wouldn't happen again. That night it was difficult to find a comfy position to sleep... my goodness they were so thick... I couldn't even close my legs anymore. When I woke up though, they were wet, but no-where near as full as the pull-ups I had used. The tapes also held it super snug against me though, so I was quick to get it off and shower. I got really interested in them though... I mean c'mon, they were so thick... if anyone caught me in them they really would have thought they were baby diapers...

“I suppose over time I just got used to wearing them. I only ever wet in them though, and only ever wore them at night. Never had any accidents during the day, didn't ever get caught. When I went to slumber parties I always made sure I was the last to sleep, first to wake up, and always at the other person's house. It went on for about a long time... then my parents decided it was time to get me back outta them. I tried to protest about it but they kept saying I'd been in them way too long... eventually they got me outta them. Amazingly enough, I didn't wet the bed that night... guess my body had only linked wetting with being in diapers... so I never had that problem again... ”

I'd managed to talk pretty fluently and without too much trouble throughout it all. I took a little moment to have another drink of that hot chocolate... still couldn't grasp exactly what that flavor was... maybe after the next rest stop. Nicole was sitting listening intently; I've never seen him look so focused before in his life. When I looked at him shyly, he smiled and nodded me on.

“Well... I really missed my diapers... I'd been wearing them for nearly a year at night so when they took them away I slept restlessly... but I went on as if nothing had changed. I was more tired, but people thought that it was just normal kitten behavior. Eventually I stopped wishing for them and just got on with things... a couple of years later though... and I... ” At this point my face grew hot and I looked down in shame. Nicole giggled at me.

“You discovered masturbation, huh?” Nodding sheepishly as he let out something of a girlish 'Aww!' I took another swig.

“Cinnamon!” I hadn't expected to say it out loud...

“Geeze, did you only just realize?” Again, a sheepish nod. “Yeah, I put a touch in... for luxury. Anyway, go on.”

“My dad had recently bought me my first personal computer... and I was just browsing some sites... and I found my first... you know... ” He giggled again... stupid skunk...

“Was it gay or straight?” He knew my answer, I didn't need to speak it. I hid my face as he laughed gleefully. “Aww, lil Matty get turned on by gay porn when he was just a lil kiddy?” I threw a pillow at him. He just laughed it off. “Anyways, continue.”

“Well... I tried to pretend it hadn't happened... but a coupla weeks later and I was crawling through websites... it was... new and really, really good... eventually I got really interested and started looking for stuff like 'diaper porn' and 'diaper sex' and really anything including the word diaper... didn't take me long to find... there's so much stuff... and I really thought I was the only one, I really did! Well, that week I used my allowance to go and buy diapers... gosh I was so embarrassed... the cashier smiled at me though, probably thought I was just a bed wetter... I looked really young when I was 14. Well, I brought them home, hid them away, and when I knew my parents were asleep... well... you can guess what happened...

“Things went on from there... I joined some websites, some forums... did some really quiet torrenting... I started talking to people who were into it too... and all the while my... my fetish just got bigger and bigger... finally downloaded an IM client and started talking to other people more... guess I was just as shy online as I am sometimes-“

“ALL the time!”

“... in real life.” I finished my chocolate and thanked the feminine boy for it. I grabbed the bunny plush again and cuddled it tightly. This was the part I really didn't want to get into...

“There was this guy... He called himself Killi online... he was really nice. He started talking to me after I joined one of the Teenbaby groups. He was so nice... we play role-played quite a lot... he started calling me his brother... it felt really nice cos I'd never had a brother before... we got really close, and I guess I loved him, you know, how a brother would only... I was still straight back then, and he knew it... anyways, the mucking about turned into heavy RPing, and diaper play... he helped me expand my fetish... helped me get to know myself...

“Then one day he... he told me he loved me... and that he meant more than just... ya know... and I... told him I couldn't ever love him like that... he got really upset... we had a really long conversation that lasted until well into the earlier ours of the morning... I told him at the end of it I still wanted to be his brother... but after he signed off he... never came back... online... ” I sniffled again... the memory was a painful one to recount.

“Oh kitty... ” Nicole moved back beside me and cuddled me into him... I hardly even thought about pushing him away... it felt nice having someone holding me... anyone... “So, what happened then?”

“I was in high school at this point and, well, I'd rather not go into what happened then... I was in a very heavy state of denial for the entirety of high school... and it eventually cost me all my friends... ” I nuzzled gently at the skunk... he really was very warm and cozy...

“I tried to put it all behind me for going to college... everything except the diapers... they've been about me since I started... but I can't do it nearly as much as I would like because of Marcus... even when he's out on his long trips at night, I still can't pluck up the courage to, you know, get my diapers out... I'm always scared he'll walk in on me... and... well, that's the whole story... ” I trailed off with a sigh, and scooted a tad closer to the boy... I knew I really shouldn't... but he was the first one I'd ever told my story... and I needed that moment...

“Well, guess I should repay the favor, huh?” I nodded softly. “Well, it's nothing as special as yours really. I was the high school slut, and I was with this guy for a little while who was into diapers. I'd tried a whole bunch of other things too, so it's wasn't too hard to try that too. Guess I just liked them, and it got a place on my list of kinks. S'all there is too it really.” I sighed. I should have known he'd have gotten into it from one of his myriad of boyfriends.

“Well... I feel kind of silly all padded up like this on my own... care to join me, cutie?” I hated it when he used that word... I'm really not as cute as everyone makes out to be... at least I don't think I am... Joel only ever uses the term when he's being silly... everyone else seems to use it with full sincerity. I still don't believe them. Rather than make this known, I just whined and scooted a little closer. Nicole chuckled and ruffled my hair a bit. “Attaboy... ”

He gently pulled away from me, getting me to sit up as he reached under his bed and drew out a very large plastic changing mat. It was, of course, pink. Once again, he opened that drawer of goodies and pulled out a diaper and the talc, picking up the pacifier I'd left on the top. He placed it in my muzzle ever so gently and helped me off the bed and onto the changing mat. I lay down and suckled at the soother gently as he spread the noisy diaper out in front of me. Though I fought against it, I felt an erection oncoming and, going crimson, lowered my paws to my crotch, trying to hide it. The skunk just giggled at me, taking no notice, other than to tell me that if I kept my paws there, they'd get stuck inside my diaper... that got me to move them...

“Wow... must say kitty, you're well endowed for a subby... I'd want that thing inside me!” I kicked at him but he dodged it. What an absolute meanie... told me to lift my legs and I did... I felt him slide the padding under me and my member twitch with anticipation... then a very generous amount of talcum powder being literally poured over my crotch, and underneath onto my rear... his paw was so gentle as he reached under me to make sure I was completely covered in talc... he pulled a little quip about how he 'couldn't have the baby kitty getting diaper rash' at which I merely mewled... he might not know it, but I was in sheer heaven... I'd always wanted to be cared for like an infant again... and here I was now.

Ever so softly, he pulled the front of the diaper over my front and slowly taped me up. He was enjoying this more and more each moment, even I could sense that. And I was as well, as the feeling of him taking me up was sending me into shivers of pleasure. Goodness... my kink seemed to have grown with the lack of availability... and the added stimulus of sharing this experience with another was causing my 'little problem' to get more insistent. Now fully taped, he slowly ran his paws down the front of the padding, outlining my fully stiffened member... god he knew how to make a boy moan, as I did without a second thought... I wanted to protest... I wanted to push away... but it felt so good and he was so gentle with me I could barely bring myself to wiggle away from him.

It seemed he took pity on me, because his paws never moved from my padded front. Instead, he slowly rubbed and massaged at the front of the diaper, pressing through just enough to send waves of pleasure through my body. I whined in ecstasy... too long had my fetish gone unchecked, it both enthralled and enwrapped me in its needy lust for release. I moaned through the pacifier, against my will I bucked up towards the source of the living fantasy, causing the one above me to giggle and continue his workings with an increased earnest. We both wanted me to have the release I now craved... and we both knew it wouldn't take long.

The skunk gently ran his claws over my prominent outline, sending a new feeling of almost direct contact up and through me. I mewled and kicked gently outwards, gasping for an end to the torturous pleasure he was subjecting me to. I could feel orgasm, so close I could almost touch it, but just out of reach... he was deliberating holding back so that he could see if I'd go all the way with this... well, to hell with it, I may never get to do this again...

Finally, when he gently massaged my encased balls, I felt it. I moaned and bucked up against him, unable to hold back anymore as, finally, with a high whine, I came - hard - into my padded prison. God did it feel good... I was in diapers... with Nicole... and he was making me... and it felt so good! It was one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever had, an echo back to the first times I ever spilled, all those years ago... and through it all he continued to massage every drop out of me! I moaned and gripped the mat as best I could, I couldn't think of anything except diapers... and Nicole putting me in them, and everything that had lead up to that moment of complete bliss! Eventually though, the sensations subsided, and I sighed, relaxing deeply after the intensity of pleasure. The skunk giggled and lay down beside me, propping his head up on an arm and smiling down at me. It took a while before I opened my eyes...

I had expected it, but I didn't realize how intense it would be. Guilt. Waves and terrible pangs of guilt swept through me like an ice out to snuff the fires of passionate pleasure from which I had only just roused myself. I blushed and sat up as best I could... that padding really was thick... turning away from Nicole and cuddling into myself. The skunk obviously got the message, because he laid a paw on my shoulder and squeezed it gently, echoing the movement I had used on Marcus earlier that day.

“Hey now... Joel won't mind... he doesn't wanna know about your silly babyfur antics so he probably won't ask... he's a good puppy really... and if he does find out and gets angry at you, I'll sort him out with a little 'therapy'” I nodded gently, but it didn't stop my feeling of deepest contempt with myself. I should never have let him pad me up... but it felt so good...

I got back up on the bed, pulling him with me. It was that movement that reminded me of the two hot cocoas I had consumed. I groaned and looked at Nicci blushing. He had a look of success on his face... stupid skunk, I should have known. I closed my eyes and willed myself to let go... pretend he wasn't there and that I was in my dorm without Marcus being there... it didn't take too much thinking as within seconds, I felt myself start to wet... and it seemed like it was going to be a big wetting. I stood in silence, waiting on it to finish, feeling the padding swelling, and getting heavier, and heavier beneath me. I heard Nicole gasp somewhere at the back of my mind.

When I opened my eyes again, I had quite literally flooded the thick diaper. It wasn't full, but it wouldn't manage another wetting. I flopped down on the bed and mewled quietly, the bulging thing squishing audibly beneath me amid the sound of crinkling. When I looked at Nicole he had a camera in hand. I blushed and tried to grab it, but he wasn't having any of it.

“C'mon Matt! You look so darn cute In that thing... and it'd only be for my private collection... I swear!” Sighing, I lay down and blushed up at him. I guessed a few pictures wouldn't harm me, and for once it seemed like he was being sincere about the whole 'private' thing.

“Only if you promise they're just for you... okay?”

“Yes, yes kitten. Now look cute for me!” I went a deeper shade of crimson, but wiggled about on the soft pink sheets and raised my paws up to my chest in as baby -like a fashion as I could muster. One blinding flash later, and he was all done. Whining I turned onto my side, looking at the clock. 11pm? No wonder I felt tired.

“Hey, Nicci, can we sleep sometime soon? I have class tomorrow... ” an all-to-prominent yawn interrupted me. The skunk giggled once more.

“Of course sweety, but you're sleeping padded tonight.” A whine of acknowledgement escaped me, and I reached for my bad in which was contained a sleeping bag. But before I could reach it, Nicole had picked it up (He's damn fast) and placed it back on the floor, just out of my reach. I looked at him confusedly as he continued to empty the bed of everything that could get in the way while sleeping.

“Hunny, this is a king-sized bed, and I'm sure you'd rather sleep here than on the floor. Don't worry; I won't try any funny business.” Believing him, I guessed he was right. Now that he mentioned it, I really didn't want to move... I would gladly just sleep right here, at this very moment... I felt the boy gently lift me and pull the covers back... unsure when I actually closed my eyes, I just let him move me. Sliding the covers over me, he quickly nipped to the other side of the room and turned off the lights. Obviously an energy saver. I was hardly complaining, I was seconds away from blissful sleep.

At that moment, I thought about everything that I had already. I had a caring family... I had a loving boyfriend... I had a decent College life... but the problems that came with that... I hadn't told my parents about my sexuality, Joel was a handful at the best of times... Marcus was probably still angry... there were so many thing I had to do, so many things to make right... I remembered Jeremy... I remembered Killi... I remembered everything that had lead up to this moment... and right then, nothing seemed to matter. Right then, I was the little baby I'd fantasized that I could be one day... and that's all that mattered to me.

Dimly, I felt him slip under the covers and cuddle up to me... he really was very warm... arms sliding around my waist as he hugged himself to me, his warm breath on my neck. This was not like being with Joel... in a way, it felt more intimate... more secret... and all the more gentle. Vaguely, I heard him wish me a good night's sleep, but I knew he didn't have to. This was something that was just for us... two little babyfurs just being close... Joel wouldn't understand... this was something he and I could never do. But my worries, my fears, and stresses, they were gone for now. Nothing mattered to my right now than that moment; the moment where I could finally fulfill one of my best hidden fantasies. For the second time that night, I was in heaven.

What happened in the morning, and then on after... well... that's a story for another time.

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