The End

by Klone

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The packet is empty. Now what will calm my nerves? What will make me feel safe?

It started as a joke; something fun to do in my spare time. I had nothing to build on, or if there was something, it was small and insignificant. The characters seemed to just come to me, as if they had minds of their own. And at the time, I was glad of it. Stupid situations, pointless puns, just a hobby.

There was one left thank god. A quick draw will relieve my paranoia, even if only for a moment…what did I do to deserve this?

Over time, the characters that I once praised for having they're own 'thoughts' as it were, their own lives; They began to become more real than I had ever guessed they would. They grew within my mind, their conflicts, romances, quarrels…their problems…they're anger, hatred…loathing, loathing of someone I knew well

The bloody thing has burned down to in between my fingers…nothing left. Well, I guess it's just a matter of time.

I had delved too deeply. My characters...what were once my characters…there is no other way to say it; they lived. They left my ideas, becoming spirit, and - fashioning the bodies I had given them, left to seek lives for themselves…it was not long until they realized, that in leaving me, they had taken away from themselves everything they had once possessed…and by extension, I was to blame for their half-lives...for giving them the free will to leave…for acting God.

The door isn't touched, he doesn't need to knock. I hear him behind me, though he makes no sound…

It was him that made the first move. He was the one that figured it out. I had given him a power, and now he was abusing it, I knew it was only a matter of time before he came for me, came for my life. The self-fashioned lord of death, a warden of his own pitiless hell. He made the decision to come for me, to make amends for what I had done to him and his…dare I say friends? Or, should I even think…to him and his love?

He is blacker than the darkness of the room I call home. There is no-one here, nor will there be. I am alone…

"I know why you've come, Joel"

"You dare to speak my name?"

"There is no point in trying to blind myself to the reason why you are here…After all, it was me that did this to you, was it not?"

"Hm…it was not just me you did this to…it was to all of us you did this…"

"I am…truly sorry, my former friend-"

"I was never a friend of yours."

"…you were to me however…"

We stood in silence…Then, I saw the scythe he held…and my heart was gladdened. Tonight, it ends…

"Will it be quick?"

"Only the blow that kills you...your soul will be forever damned to the fires of hell."

"It's more than I deserve."

I out-stretched my arms. He embraced me. I felt the scythe cut into me…I held to him tighter, even as the swirls of black nothingness passed me by

"What will happen to us, my old friend?"

"You will go to where you were before I did this to you…you can go back and have full and happy lives…and you will never remember me, nor what happened during our 'time' together…You will return to where things were before I started to change things…free." And as I said it, and he released his hold on me, he smiled and let the tears he had never wept fall silently onto my dying body.

"I'd like that…thank you…" I closed my eyes as he disappeared into the void I was plunging into…and then there was nothing.

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