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Thursday, December 31, 2009

See if you can guess who everone is. Once you're done guessing, you can see the answer sheet for this by Voting here.

Here's a bigger version for you. Now, like I said, this is not finished! Lots to add to it, including lots of random characters, Matt's high school friends, and Chelsie's family, just as example.

What will I be doing for a month? Well, two things in particular: firstly, Concession will be getting a new website, something a lot simplier and easier to use. The rest of my time will be used recording music! I will be recording metal in my home, partially for school - I'll be basing my final project on the album art for the music I'm mwaking. I'll show it off when it's done, of course, and may give you a few tracks now and then.

I should be resuming updates at the start of February, but until then, keep coming back! I'll be posting sketches and filler art to keep you from being bored.