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Friday, July 21, 2006

Because tentacle rape is awesome. ::sigh:: Each week, I sin a little more.

The movie itself was fantastic. Exciting and funny - very pretty. But, and I wish studios would stop... It's ending is so abrupt and forced, as it specifically sets up for the sequal. The last five minutes seem rushed.
Oh well. Still a fun ride, even if the plot was too convoluted for it's own good.

For anyone (i.e. everyone) who missed the news post for the extra comic that came out this Tuesday, you'll notice a new group of buttons atop the page. Spiffy, I like to think to myself.
Please check out the chat - pop in and say hi, maybe I'll be awake! Time will tell if I ever make a forum. Chat aside, though, I'd say I'm more proud of the cast section.
Also new is the link to my RSS feed, at the request of, um, someone. If you don't know what it is, it's safe to bet that it's not worth learning. Or maybe it is! Do some research, scaliwags.