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Friday, July 28, 2006

It was at this point that I began to think to myself: "My god. I'm going to have to do this every week." That's a lot of continuous drawing - drawing in the hopes that it still looks like the same character as it did last week. Meh. It's good for me.

But I do question my choice to do every strip in color. I'm not that good at coloring, really, and I've been told that my black-and-white inking skills are pretty good. Additionally, if I didn't have to color every one, I could do more - move to twice a week. Once a week isn't enough for the stories I plan to tell... Silly me, though, cuz it's too late now! I'm in color, and in color I shall stay. Even if it damns me.

Before anyone gets confused, that little panda is, in fact, the manager.

So have you seen the trailer for The Turtles, I wonder?

As a kid I was into them, I guess, but I grew out of them quickly - something many citezens of the web cannot claim. Thinking back, they just seem juvinile and border-line foolish. Thus, purhaps you can imagine my empathy towards the movie, which rivals my disinterest towards news of a Transformers movie - but at least Transformers has more of a legend behind it.

My main thoughts regarding this new trailer is how unimpressive it looks. I really hope that the graphics are upgraded for the movie, because c'mon - that's not movie quality. That's an expensive video game cutscene, yes, but like hell one can justify 2+ hours of that.

God damn ninjas.

Today's Randomly-Generated Customer(s)

In line today is:
a coypu and her son,
a rather-dashing jackal,
an increasingly-irate rhino who possibly has cancer,
a cute bat girl who is actually the sister of Joel's ex-girlfriend,
and a family of sheep who narrowly evaded a car crash with aforementioned rhino.