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Friday, April 13, 2007

HEY KIDS! The post in the background of the second panel is by Blotch, one of my favorite furry artist. I think they redesigned their site like... Must've been an hour before writing this. Weird.

So. I saw Grindhouse, and was dead wrong about what I thought it'd be - it was a lot better than I expected it to be. I knew it was going to be stupid - we all knew that - but I underestimated how fun the two films would be.

The first, Planet Terror, is an entertaining adventure in which blood spurts unnecessarily and things explode for no reason (sounds like a Concession comic)... People have their heads EXPLODE. It's great. The movie doesn't take itself seriously for longer than five seconds at a time. Go with your friends who act like assholes and make stupid, though witty, observations during movies. They'll improve the night.

The second movie, Deathproof, bored me to tears for its first half hour before getting really terrifying for five minutes. Then it gets boring again... Then it becomes really awesome for twenty minutes, leading up to the best ending I've ever seen in a movie.

The strange part about Deathproof was all the character interaction that took place (gasp!), which isn't something that happens in many modern movies - not on this scale, at least. There's was literally a ten minute scene in which four women sat around a table and just talked about shit. All in one take, too, I do think, which is even more rare in movies nowadays. It's obvious why the movie was structured this way - to force you to love the characters. It worked, for me at least, and I end up feeling really attached to them all. Which was awkward... Again, not a lot of modern movies work that way, so it was a strange feeling to actually care about characters.

Two things that really bothered me about the first movie - if you don't mind two minor spoilers - were two deaths, the death of a child and the death of a dog. It might seem strange of me to have that sort of soft spot, but both the deaths were totally uncalled for and were simply unpleasant. It's like they were there just to die in a stupid and pointless fashion. And though I'm not one to criticize the introduction of characters with the pure intention of murder... Neither the dog nor the boy did anything important, nor were they at all crucial to the plot. Hardly a thing would have changed if they had been left out, or if they had survived.

But that little thing aside, I really enjoyed the double feature a lot. I'd recommend it.

ADDITIONALLY, we have new Fan Art! Thanks Tuppy ^_^

Today's Randomly-Generated Character


Species: Cheetah

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Religion: Kemetic

Cecil is one of Nicole's closest friends from high school. At times, they were often seen as almost brothers - indeed, it was to Nicole that Cecil came out of the closet to near the end of senior year. Much to everyone's surprise, and especially to Nicole's dismay, the two have never had sex.

Cecil is the type of person who, when he told people he was gay, most of them said "...really?" Sharp contrast to Nicole's feminine, obviously-gay nature, Cecil still acts very much like a straight boy. He was an athlete, had little fashion sense, and had an affinity to mechanics and cars.

He's also a nudist. This doesn't necessarily reflect any of his beliefs (Neo-Egyptians are hardly the hippy type), he was simple raised that way by his (equally non-hippy) parents. He is polite enough to wear clothing in public, and wears pants for the sake of his roommate (not pictured here), but at any given opportunity he will go completely naked.

That's why Nicole can't figure out why they havenít had sex yet.