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Friday, September 15, 2006

Today's comic is brought to you by the letter T.

So are ya'll tired of my trippy, non-objective backgrounds? I sure am. I seriously need to step things up and do real backgrounds now.

So, here's an off-topic thought. Know anything about biofuel? The MythBusters were testing the fuel efficiency of used fry-cooking oil (wound up being a little more efficient than gas, but nothing spectacular), and I got an idea - what if this takes off? What if someone finds a way to make good use of this? Imagine a society in which left-over oil is viable fuel?
We live in a country almost a slave to fried food, in some ways at least. The amount of fried food we eat is ridiculous. What if the food we eat begun to yield fuel? Imagine it: you stop by McDonalds for lunch, and while you're there, you fill up your tank.

I don't like putting a positive spin on such a crushing problem like obesity, but perhaps it's clear that our fatty ways aren't going away any time soon - perhaps we should start to look into how we can benefit as much as possible from this greasy mess we've put ourselves in.

Just a thought.