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Friday, September 8, 2006

My titles suck.

I wasn't feelin it with this comic. Something's off with the line work. Beh. I should buy a tablet someday and do all this shit digitally.

(Edit: Our panda manager is now in the cast page, pay him a visit!)


My Typography class includes a part where all the students set up accounts at, so that we can learn the nature of marketing, merchendise, and all that stuff. We all have to come up with ideas that we think will look good on shirts and mugs and crap.
THUS, I will use this forced opportunity to (prematurely) set up a Concession Merchendise Store.

SO, I'm asking all my readers to please send in ideas. What do you want on a shirt? What would make a nice mouse pad? Thongs, anyone?
Here's a list of what CafePress offers. I really need whatever feed back I can gather.

...End communication.