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Friday, March 13, 2009

That's what girls like, right? JC Penney?

If you have not yet seen The Watchmen, I wholeheartedly insist you do so at your earliest convenience. It's epic, violent, sad, funny at times, and it has a really conflicting ending. And lesbians!

One of the previews for the film was for Terminator Salvation. Now. lots and lots of movie previews seem to use Nine Inch Nails songs. The Fragile seems to be a favored album for whoever puts together movie trailers. But this appliation, here, seems to me to be the best use of a NiN song in a movie preview I've ever seen. So, ya know, it's interesting.

Oh yeah, and happy Friday the 13th!

OH AND ANOTHER THING. Concession now has a Twitter, if Twittering is what you're into.