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Friday, June 20, 2008

So, AnthroCon is next week. You goin? I'm goin. This may be your last chance to buy a badge from me, so be sure to!
Cons usually have bulliten boards in them, so please pay attention to the one AC is likely to have. I'll be posting messages there for fans to meet me. I'm going to organize a meeting every single night of the con after all the events are over, and I've got a few locations picked out. I'll have internet at the hotel, I think, so keep an eye on my LiveJournal for AC-related updates, regarding meeting me.

Still hoping for guest comics. I've a few people who volunteered, but I'd like more, in case they back out, as one already has.

Edit: Wondering about that orange balloon thing to the bottom left of the page? Well, I've added Concession to a new sort of internet event, an "Internet Balloon Race", where, basically, participants race across different pages across the internet in an effort to earn prizes. Reall prizes, like a trip to... some where. 'Course, you have to live in Britian to actually win anything, but hey, maybe I can grab some hits from it.