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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No, the comic isn't date due to me seeing George Carlin. This comic is actually based on me having seen him quite some time ago. He was awesome.

The comic is late for two reasons. First, I had to finish a final project for school this weekend (turned out quite nice, I'll show everyone someday), which ate up a lot of my weekend. But the primary reason is that I bought a new lap top Saturday, and thus have been spending time setting up Tyras 2.0.
You'll recall me talking about computer problems before, what with overheating and failing hard drives... The old laptop still works, but it's on it's last legs, so, with my boyfriend's help (love ya dear ^_^), I found a better, newer laptop on sale. No more frying my fingers as I type! No more awkward nights of trying to work with a screen that doesn't work if opened at any angle more than 40 degrees!

I'll certainly have the comic done for Friday.