The Concession IRC Chatroom is active at nearly all hours of the day. It's a good place to meet other furries, and you can even talk to me! Immelmann!

IRC Network:
Channel: #concession
More detailed information available on the Furnet website.

You will need a program with which to connect to IRC:

HydraIRC, mIRC, IceChat, XChat, Chatzilla (a FireFox add-on)... Check out Wikipedia for more programs.

Eidden has written a very easy guide to using mIRC to connect, read it here.

The Rules of #concession

You will be kicked from that chatroom with very little warning if you break one of these rules. Continuing offenders or people who overall disrupt the peace of the room will be banned indefinately.

  1. Moderator rule is LAW and is the BOTTOM LINE.
  2. You must be polite and respect the other chatters.
  3. Full, proper English is a necessity. Don't let broken English or abundant internet slang annoy the other posters.
  4. No cybersex in the chatroom.
  5. Do not pose as someone else (Concession character included).
  6. Type "NSFW" before and after links to mature content.
  7. Do not link to pages or content that will disrupt a user's browser or computer.
  8. Don't invite people into the chatroom unless they read the comic.
  9. The following is considered spam and will not be tolerated: lyrics, automated scripts like "Now Playing", useless noise just to "kill the silence".

Basic IRC Commands