Joel Calley was dismissed from my institution two days ago, despite my best wishes. I don't know why that damn wolfrabbit insisted on Joel's release, or how he managed to convince the rest of the doctors... What is his goal? I suspect office politics, and I suspect he is after my position. After what I have seen in this institute, an early retirement would not meet much resistance from me.

Joel destroyed the walls of his room during his interim here. When the padding was removed, to be replaced, we found bizarre burn marks upon the wall beneath all across the southward wall. It is said to have been caused by electrical wiring problems under the wall, but never have I seen something like that manifest in that way.

I could swear that the patterns had be done by hand, through the padding or before it was even put up. No one sees it but me, but I see the distinct figure of butterflies in these sprawled curves and lines that seem to span across the whole wall and even onto the ceiling. Butterflies, swarming, large and small. It gives the impression, to one standing in the center of the room, of being at the forefront of a massive and endless wave of these insects.

Art Therapy courses with Joel, though sporadic at best, showed his affinity towards drawing butterflies. I don't yet know if this is a coincidence or if I am simply imagining the figures on the wall entirely. But... could Joel have done this? He was often seen scratching at the walls. How could he have burnt through to the wall beneath? How could he have reached so high on the wall, even onto the ceilings?

This reminds me, too, of the grim and mysterious death of Cassandra Elis, a nurse who was found dead in a bathroom. The photos have long since been confiscated and made police property, but I remember the scene quite vividly. No one would agree, though I told very few people and only the most trusted doctors. How much time did this nurse spend with Joel? The blood on the wall from her apparent suicide was, markedly, forming the shape of a butterfly's wings.

The stress of this job and of the inner-office political struggles is obviously taking its toll on me. Though my absence may serve to work against my ability to stay as the head of this hospital, I think I am in dire need of a vacation.

-- Dr. Calvin Casey