Pangolin Press


Our bookmarks are laminated in super-thick, ultra-durable lamination paper that just might outlast you and everyone you love. They're also decorated with fancy little ribbons so all your friends will know what a god damn pimp you are.

The bookmarks are roughly 6 inches long and about 2.5 inches wide.

Shipping & handling adds .75 cents to the cost of your order - $2.50 for international customers.

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Milicent Double-Sided $3

Art by Immelmann
Millicent Double-Sided

Nicole Double-Sided $3

Art by Immelmann
Nicole Double-Sided

Joel Double-Sided $3

Art by Immelmann
Joel Double-Sided

Matt Double-Sided $3

Art by Immelmann
Matt Double-Sided

Cartoon Cats $2

Art by Immelmann
Cartoon Cats

Furthia High $2

Art by QuetzaDrake
Furhia High

Matt & Joel $2

Art by Immelmann
Matt and Joel

Max $2

Art by QuetzaDrake

Mouse Butt $2

Art by Immelmann
Moues Butt