Pangolin Press


Our stickers are on glossy photo-quality paper and are laminated to ensure durability and resistance to scratches.

Shipping & handling adds .75 cents to the cost of your order - $2.50 for international customers.

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Graffiti Pack $3

Art by QuetzaDrake and Immelmann

Ballerina Mafia Pack $3

Art by Immelmann
Ballerina Mafia

Furthia High Pack $4

Art by QuetzaDrake
Furthia High

Cartoon Cats $3

Art by Immelmann
Cartoon Cats

Concession Sticker Pack #1 $3

Art by Immelmann

Concession Sticker Pack #2 $3

Also includes some folks who mostly appeared in Ballerina Mafia.
Art by Immelmann

Demotivational Sticker Pack $2

Perfect for kindergarten classrooms!
Art by Immelmann

Furry Road Sign Stickers $3

Art by Immelmann

7 Furry Sins $4

Give 'em to seven friends and see if they notice you're insulting them!
Art by QuetzaDrake

Wet Paint Sticker Pack $1

Each little paw is its own sticker!
Art by Immelmann
Wet Paint