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Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome, my children, to Concession, Phase IV: Angelizer.

After months of web design and code tinkering, not to mention a fair chunk of money for hosting, I have now moved to my own private server. Please do browse all the pages, as a lot of them have changed. In particular, the FAQ and About the Author pages have been completely re-done. The Archives are re-tooled a little and feature chapter titles.
Take note, also, of the brand-new Downloads section! Along with the old desktop images are now avatars for your own use.
The links page has also been re-arranged, give my friends a look, will you?

I have plenty of people to thank for my ability to do this. First and foremost is Lexy, long-time fan and friend, who set up the code on which this webcomic runs. There's no code quite like it, and there's no one quite like her. As thanks, I'll be holding a link to her comic atop the site for a while. Go check out her work!
Also to thank are my fellow webcomic artists, who have befriended me, given me hits, support, and sometimes even fan art - and so, big thanks to JTigerclaw, QuetzaDrake, Wicked Hatter, Sphix, and all who have linked to Concession.
Thanks goes to the donators! You havenít quite offset the cost of all this, but you've helped justify the cost a little. Keep it coming :\
Thanks goes to E-Pam, Shugwar, Eecho, Lexy (again), and to all my friends who have been with my comic since the beginning.
I'd like to thank Satan for keeping God out of my way.
And thank you, V.o.E! My love. For helping to keep me sane and making me feel wanted.
Perhaps the biggest praise must go to the fandom - the forum, the chatroom, the fanmailers and fanartists... Without your show of support and affection, this would not have been possible.

Finally, I'd like to thank the one man who made this happen most of all. Despite the odds, his support, his hard work and dedication, has truly made Concession what it is today.
So, I'd like to thank... myself. Love ya babe!